El Hammami

Stone, chondrite, (H5). This nice meteorite fell on August 10, 1997, in Mauritania, Africa. Several large masses fell and were witnessed by nomads and found later. Unfortunately the nomads took sledge hammers and smashed up the beautiful but large pieces into smaller easy to carry pieces. They packed them out on camels and many pieces are horribly stained by the camel sweat. El Hammami is a very beautiful meteorite, bright white matrix, some nice dark chondrules and TONS of bright metal!

These are very nice pieces!


El Hammami 1: 80.23 gram fragment. $161.00


 El Hammami 2: 24.76 gram partslice $50.00


  El Hammami 3: 40.42 gram fragment. $81.00


 El Hammami 4: 26 gram cut fragment $52.00

El Hammami 5: 49.80 gram fragment $100.00

El Hammami 6: 42.34 gram cut fragment $85.00