Diogenite,  calcium-poor. This meteorite fell on July 6th, 1924 at 4:20 pm. A total of 27 stones fell over the town of Johnstown Colorado. Several hundred people attending a funeral heard a loud explosion and saw puffs of smoke preceding the fall. One stone weighing 7 kilos nearly hit a church. Johnstown is the most beautiful Diogenite in my opinion. It has a light yellow-green matrix with very nice green crystals. This meteorite is extremely difficult to acquire now.


Jownstown, 1:  8.956 gram partslice with fusion crust. $1790.00

Photos of both sides of specimen. 36mm x 30mm x 5 mm.


Jownstown, 2:  7.106 gram partslice. $1420.00

Photos of both sides of specimen. 27 mm x 20mm x 5 mm.