This beautiful iron was found Western Australia in 1911. It is an Iron, Medium octahedrite (IIICD). Mundrabilla is a very odd iron. Many large pieces were found for a total weight of over 17 tons. The large pieces had holes in the surface where the triolite nodules had weathered out. This is a nice iron, but extremely hard to cut. The etch pattern is very nice, but difficult to photograph as each angle totally changes the pattern.


Mundrabilla 1: 23.2 gram endcut.  $82.00


Mundrabilla 2: 42.65 gram individual. $85.00


Mundrabilla 3: 41.78 gram individual. $84.00


Mundrabilla 4: 17.6 gram endcut. $62.00


Mundrabilla 5: 19.5 gram endcut. $69.00

Mundrabilla 6: 20.23 gram individual. $45.00