NWA 801

       This meteorite is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite, (CR2). It was first found in Morocco in March of 2000, and since then many more pieces totaling around 10 kilos have been recovered. It has received several different NWA #s, but they are one meteorite. The strewnfield is in Zagora Province.  The CR2's are among the rarest and by far the most visually appealing of the Carbonaceous chondrites. They have large multi-colored chondrules, and are very metal-rich, with many chondrules being comprised of metal and silicates, and many armored chondrules, (chondrules being completely coated with iron). There are only a handful of this type, and this is the first one to be readily available to the collector market. See for yourself why this meteorite is in my top ten favorites! It is simply beautiful. This is a meteorite that everyone needs to have in their collection before it disappears.


NWA 801 1: 6.233 gram slice. $250.00


NWA 801 2: 7.00 gram endcut. $280.00

NWA 801 3: 3.157 gram endcut. $127.00

NWA 801 4: 3.00 gram endcut. $120.00

NWA 801 5: 1.966 gram endcut. $80.00

NWA 801 6: 1.547 gram endcut. $62.00