Cali #001

N0323.946 W07631.022
Barrio Mariano Ramos

EXACT WEIGHT of this stone was 76.6 grams.

This stone impacted the home of Yuly Melecio in the Barrio Mariano Ramos neighborhood of Cali. She lives on the second floor of a building and the stone impacted her rooftop and penetrated both the zinc metal and ceramic roof tiles. She was at home at the time, and heard a sound like thunder outside. She told her son who was outside on the back balcony to come inside, as she thought a storm was coming. Moments later, a loud crash shook the home and when she went into the bedroom, she saw pieces of stone and roof tiles on the floor. There was sunlight shining through a new hole in the roof and the floor tile had been chipped by the meteorite.

On the first trip, I was told that this meteorite was sold to someone in Spain. A few days after going home, I received an email from the owner, saying that she had lied, and still had the stone and wanted to sell it to me. I immediately flew back to Colombia and acquired the specimen and rooftop pieces.




















This map shows the location of the Cali #001 meteorite. It is the lower-center red dot.


The home of Yuly Melecio, impacted by the Cali #001 meteorite. Her house is the one upstairs with the open door and woman in a yellow shirt on standing in the door.
The Cali #001 meteorite and the damage that it did to the tile floor. The meteorite impacted and shattered into four pieces, which fit back together perfectly. Nice well-formed chondrules, sulfides, and slickensides can be seen in the pieces. It amazes me that it could penetrate both the metal and ceramic rooftop pieces, and still have the velocity to damage the flooring. From the hole in the roof to the floor impact, the meteorite was still traveling in a due south direction as it was perfectly offset from the entry point.
This is the ceramic roofing material that was damaged, the metal rooftop had been moved, and I never did get to see it.

Myself and the pieces of the Cali #001 meteorite with the floor damage visible.


Here you can see the Cali 001 stone intact, after my second trip to Colombia to buy the stone.

Reverse side of Cali 001. You can see a mark from the roofop on the stone on this side.

This photo shows the meteorite fragments and the damaged tile rooftop. The rooftop and largest piece of this meteorite is in a private collection now, the other pieces sold off to other collectors.

This photo shows the Cali 001 meteorite pieces assembled on top of the metallic rooftop which was also penetrated by this meteorite. The metal sheet was laying on top of the ceramic tile, so it just smashed through the metal. The metallic rooftop piece was sold along with the second largest piece of this specimen to a private collector.

 Each of the barrios has a sign on all buildings at the edge of each one. This is near where the Cali #001 meteorite fell.


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