Cali #008

Barrio Ciudad Cordoba

EXACT WEIGHT of this stone is 66.70 grams.

This stone impacted a home only a hundred meters from the Cali 004 meteorite impact in Ciudad Cordoba. The homeowner returned from work as a schoolteacher the evening of the meteorite fall and found some small broken tile fragments on the floor and a crack in the ceramic rooftop. The next day, he heard about the meteorite fall, but after a search of his home and on top of the roof, he could not find a meteorite so he forgot about it. Two weeks later, the first hard rain happened and water came into the home. The next day he went to replace the damaged tile, and the entire section shattered and fell into the home. When he cleaned up the pieces, the meteorite was laying in the rubble and he recognized it immediately. It seems that it had hit the rooftop in a way that only cracked the tile, then rolled down under another piece of the roof, thus remaining hidden.

The owner was not able to locate me while I was in Colombia in late July and only in mid-September was he able to find my email and contact me while I was in Spain searching for the La Mancha meteorite. I made a deal with the owner and flew down to Colombia to acquire the stone only 48 hours after returning from Spain.




















I will update the map with the location of Cali #008 when I have time.



Here you can see Cali #008 close-up, noting the nice black crust yet slightly oxidized areas where the fusion crust is missing and the small white marks where the section of tile that the meteorite impacted is still embedded in the fusion crust.
The Cali #008 meteorite, different angle.
This meteorite measures 49.4 mm in length by 37.3 mm wide by 28 mm thick.
 Each of the barrios has a sign on all buildings at the edge of each one. This is near where the Cali #008 meteorite fell.


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