Cali #003

Barrio Laureano Gomez

EXACT WEIGHT of this stone is 37.9 grams and it is near 100% fusion crusted. 

On July 6th, 2007 at around 4:30 pm Jackeline Garcia heard loud rumbling booms like thunder in the distance. She thought that it was going to rain so she went out back and took down her laundry which was hanging in the sun to dry. While she was out on the patio, she heard a loud bang in the kitchen area. Her son immediately found a stone laying in front of the refrigerator and picked it up. It was quite cold to the touch he told me. They saw a hole in the roof and saw that the meteorite had penetrated just above the fridge. It hit the top of the refrigerator and dented the metal, bouncing off and landing intact on the cement floor. They were confused and thought that perhaps children had thrown the piece and damaged the home. The homeowners were going to throw the stone in the garbage, but her 16 year old daughter told her that she had never seen a stone like and and told her to keep it. The next day, when news of the massive fireball from the day before began to appear on the TV, radio and newspapers, they called in and notified the "El Pais" newspaper, Cali's largest. They were the first to confirm that the Cali meteorite had impacted the eastern barrios of the city.

Robert Ward bought this stone from Jackeline and cut the piece of the zinc roofing material damaged by the meteorite impact.

Click here to see the El Pais newspaper article about the fall of this meteorite. NEWSPAPER


This map shows the location of the Cali #003 meteorite. It is the red dot on the far right.


This photo shows the meteorite in my hand, and the impact hole that it created in the zinc roof..
This is the point of impact for the Cali #003 meteorite. It penetrated the thin metallic roof and hit the fridge below it.
The Cali #003 meteorite went through the roof and hit the top of the fridge, denting it. The stone also slightly damaged a box that was sitting on top of the fridge. It then bounced off and landed undamaged in front of the fridge on the cement floor.
The Cali #003 meteorite and the dent it created on top of the refrigerator.

 Here you can see a very happy Robert and his new meteorite and rooftop. The homeowners had just sold him the meteorite for half a year salary. It is sure a good thing for all of us that they did not throw the meteorite in the trash like they thought about doing immediately after the fall!


Another view of the damage caused by the impact of the Cali #003 meteorite. From examinations of the hole, we can tell that the stone entered lengthwise, with one end hitting the roof, and there is matching damage on the point of the stone.



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