Cali #007

Barrio Mariano Ramos

EXACT WEIGHT of this stone is 24.901 grams.

This stone was found on Sunday, July 14th, eight days after the fall, by a member of the School of Astronomy of Cali. He was out hunting alone for the second time and found this meteorite on the edge of the street in a gutter. It is complete, with only fusion crust chips missing. It appears to have been run over by cars, and is slightly oxidized where the fusion crust is missing. I purchased this stone from the finder.




















This map shows the location of the Cali #007 meteorite. It is the upper-left red dot.



Here you can see Cali #007 close-up, noting the nice black crust yet slightly oxidized areas where the fusion crust is missing.
The Cali #007 meteorite, different angle.
This meteorite measures 31.03 mm in length and 24.76 mm in diameter.
 Each of the barrios has a sign on all buildings at the edge of each one. This is near where the Cali #007 meteorite fell.


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